Pro Plan Management

  • Initial shadow with maintenance personnel.

  • Monthly visits to inspect your facility (Discover Inefficiencies, Data Analysis, PM Functionally, Safety Audit).

  • Create a plan of action to fulfill all phases of the maintenance processes.

  • Develop and monitor a training protocol specific to the needs of your maintenance workforce. 

  • Documentation of standard operating procedures to complete each task.

  • Monthly meeting to report findings, best practices, and goal setting.

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The Pro Plan has certified technicians come to your facility and test key performance indicators and variables of all your equipment and assembly lines. The data collected from our technicians is used to create a optimization model to identify which parts are not working efficiently to be replaced before they break, eliminating the downtime required to fix parts when they break. While our technicians are testing and collecting data on each piece of machinery they also provide preventive maintenance. Precision Maintenance technicians are certified lubrication technicians and can ensure that all your machinery meets the manufacturer specifications.